About Us

Founded in 2018 by Robb Norris, A Degree Above Cooling and Heating has a simple philosophy.  Do what is right, not what is easy.  As a contractor, you are trusting us to enter your home and do the work we promise to do.  We understand that expectation of trust and no matter what we do what is right.  Whatever it takes. 


We work under the principle that, in any business, the customer is the single most important factor. That is why we approach every job we take on with the same goal: to provide truly exceptional customer service in order to guarantee the 100% satisfaction of every customer.  



 Having a scheduled HVAC inspection maximizes efficiency and system longevity. Preventative maintenance is very important when it comes to cost savings and the longevity of your heating and air conditioning equipment.  We offer maintenance plans so you don't have to worry about anything but staying comfortable. 



 Vents blowing out warm air? AC unit not cooling?  We have knowledgeable, professional, clean and caring technicians that put your needs first.  We do not cut corners and do things right the first time.  That's why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and much of our work has a labor warranty included. 



We are a Trane dealer.  Why?  Because after years of experience in the industry, it is obvious that Trane is the best in the business.    These high quality components bring a high-level of reliability and lower utility bills, which optimize performance compared to conventional single stage systems.  A 10 year parts warranties come standard with our installations.  Some equipment has a 12 year warranty. 

Preventative Maintenance

Step 1: Schedule Inspection

Step 1: Schedule Inspection

Step 1: Schedule Inspection


A Degree Above provides the highest quality HVAC services in Georgia. Contact us for an assessment of your HVAC needs. 

Step 2: Needs Assessment

Step 1: Schedule Inspection

Step 1: Schedule Inspection


Years of experience has taught us to look for the smallest of imperfections. 

Step 3: Scheduled Services

Step 3: Scheduled Services

Step 3: Scheduled Services


We provide you with exactly the installation and service you need to have your problem solved completely.

Step 4: Ongoing Service

Step 3: Scheduled Services

Step 3: Scheduled Services


You can count on A Degree Above to handle all of your HVAC needs to keep you running clean and comfortable for decades into the future.