Advantages of being a Comfort Club member

A Degree Above HVAC van and technician.

Priority Service

All Comfort Club members receive priority service.  We can normally get to you the same day you call. 

Save Money!

All Comfort Club members receive a 15% discount on repairs!!!

Being Proactive

We thoroughly inspect your entire HVAC system at each service.  We catch issues before they become problems. 

Trained Professionals

All our employees receive constant training and updates.  Technicians go thru a minimum of 50 hours of factory training each year. Technology is constantly changing and we keep up with it.


Every technician is trained with safety in mind.  To keep the technician safe and to ensure the customer is safe.  High voltage, natural gas, carbon monoxide and other dangers exist.  Having your system inspected by our trained professionals gives peace of mind.  

Easy Scheduling

We work long hours to ensure we can be there for you.  We can pre-schedule a maintenance anytime from 7:00am to 6pm Monday - Friday.  

Checkup Check List

  1. Perform safety inspection
  2. Check / replace air filter.  We can provide our club members extra filters for competitive prices. 
  3. Chemically clean condenser coil (1x per year)
  4. Inspect wiring for chaffing, rubbing, cracks or breaks in insulation and  signs of arcing.
  5. Check indoor blower motor amp draw.  Inspect blower wheel cleanliness. Check fan capacitor. 
  6. Inspect burner compartment or electric heating elements.  If natural gas or propane is used, inspect for any gas leaks.  Ensure proper burner operation.  Check electric heat amp draw. Check heat exchanger.
  7. Inspect cooling coil.  Check refrigerant lines and insulation.  
  8. Clear condensate drain line.  Clean condensate pump if necessary.  Treat drain with condensate tablets. 
  9. Inspect duct work.  We are trained in proper duct system design and will thoroughly inspect your duct system and make any suggestions.  We also check for duct leakage. 
  10. Check outdoor fan motor amp draw.  
  11. Check outdoor capacitor. 
  12. Inspect outdoor contactor for burning and pitting, 
  13. Check refrigerant charge using superheat and subcooling methods to ensure accuracy. 
  14. And many more.  These are just some of the major items we look at.  As trained professionals, there are many different scenarios we have seen and different approaches that need to be taken.  


Pricing for residential club members is $179 per year for 2 visits.  Each additional system is $99.  Air filters are not included in this pricing however we offer deeply discounted bulk filter prices to our members.  


We do what is right, not what is easy.  Your HVAC system will be kept in top shape by honest, trustworthy technicians.