General Pricing

Service Calls

$69 Regular Service Call (7:00AM - 6:00PM Monday - Friday)

$99 After Hours (until 10:00PM & Weekends)

Emergency Service Call (10:00PM - 7:00AM) pricing varies 

depending on location and nature of call.

 First your technician will explain what the problem was, and provide you with a list of what must be done right away.  They will also provide suggestions for future repairs or maintenance that may be needed, but are not necessary to get the system functioning immediately. 

If the home comfort system is near the end of its life span or is costing you more than it should in energy consumption, your technician will explain how easy and cost-effective it can be to simply replace it with a newer, energy efficient system. 

We do not cut corners & do things right the first time.

Apply Protective Coating to Unit

Adjust Gas Pressure

Adjust Pilot

Tightening All Electrical Connections

Measuring Voltage and also Current on Motors

Clean and also Adjust Burner Assembly

Clean Ignition Assembly

 Examine Heat Exchanger

Lubricate Motors and also Bearings

Check All Safety Devices

Test Starting Capabilities

Clean and also Adjust Blower Assembly

Check Indoor and also Outdoor Coils Clean

Condenser Coil

Monitor A/C and also Heating Cycles

Measure Temperature Difference

Clean Electric Heat Strips

Clean Out Condensate Drains

Check Refrigerant Charge